News & Notes – For the week of March 29 – April 4

Reminder: to continue your support of the Lord’s work in and through our congregation, there are three options available for your giving during our “quarantine”: 1) give online at 2) snail mail in your offerings addressed to the church 3) drop off your offering in the church mailbox, which can only have its contents accessed with a key.

Lent is the 40-day period preceding Easter. We will have Wednesday evening worship services at 7 p.m. livestream only throughout Lent. This Wednesday we will look at The Moral Argument.

Easter Breakfast is canceled due to Covid-19. Stay tuned, we will reschedule at a later date.

Youth Activities on hold until further notice

The April 4th Skype session with the Wolfs has been canceled. Look in future bulletin for rescheduling.

Flooring update: What a great addition the new flooring is to our entrance and fellowship area… an updated,
durable, welcoming new look! Thanks to all of the generous donations, the new flooring project has been paid in full. Thank you!!

Men’s Breakfast postponed until April 18.

HOARDERS ALERT: So you bought a case of chili since you thought it was a good idea, but now you’ve eaten a can three days in a row and are sick of it? Please consider setting aside of the rest of the of that case of chili, or canned corn, or cereal, or toilet paper, other personal items, or whatever you overbought and donating the items to the BLCS food pantry at the appropriate time. Once normal church services resume, consider evaluating your stockpile and perhaps donating a few cans or boxes of items you truly will never use to the pantry so the items can be moved on to the Des Moines area food banks. Thanks for your continued support of the BLCS Food Pantry and DMARK.

FILL’ER UP! While the groceries stores have shut down the bottle/can redemption process, we continue to accept cans and bottles for future redemption. If you want to get out of the house because you’re going stir crazy, simply bring any redeemable cans and bottles over and put them in the left side of the church garage. The garage door has been recently oiled, so raises easily. Thanks for all those who have contributed so far. We’re building quite a stack of bottles and cans, but there’s plenty of room for more! If we run out of space, we’ll make more room. The proceeds for these contributions will be used (eventually) for appropriate projects at the church.

Shopping online these days? While doing your online shopping, Amazon has a program that will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible Amazon Smile purchases to our church by clicking Amazon Smile – BSLC. The account has been set-up and is ready to go. Thanks to all who have selected Beautiful Savior as your Amazon Smile Charity. Thanks for your support!

Ready to Flock your Neighbor? With the warm weather, back come the Flamingos! The youth group is ready to begin flocking, they are just waiting on requests! Please pick up a form in the Fellowship Hall or contact Ray Livingston with any questions at

Lutheran Women’s Missionary League Grant #8 — Lights for Christ Scholarships Divine Savior Lutheran Church, Zacapa, Guatemala — $95,000 Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) Grant #8 for the 2019-2021 biennium is Lights for Christ scholarships in Guatemala. This mission grant will provide funding to expand the Lights for Christ Program, enabling children to continue their Christian education in grades seven through twelve and rise above the poverty of their families who are economically dependent on the municipal landfill. For more information, go to

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In Need of Prayers? Please contact Pastor for any prayer requests or if you would like visits for hospitalization, medical concerns, etc. Pastor can’t be there if he is not aware of the need. Thank you!