News & Notes – For the week of January 26 – February 1

Sunday Morning Bible Study: We continue in Luke 6 and “The Sabboth”.

Thrivent Choice dollars for 2019 will be expiring soon! If you are a Thrivent member, you may be eligible to participate and direct Thrivent Choice dollars to Beautiful Savior. Simply go to or call 800-THRIVENT (800-847-4836) before March 31 and say “Thrivent Choice.”

Attention Parents of Youth 8th – 12th Grade: You should have received an email last Tuesday regarding the 2020 Creation Museum trip. Please RSVP to Pastor prior to January 31, 2020. If you did not receive the email, please contact the church office at

The LWML wants to extend a huge thank you to everyone who so generously donated items for the homeless. We were so pleased with the amount of items. Because of your gifts and a Thrivent Action Team card we were able to fill 45 bags. They are in the Fellowship Area this weekend, and we are wanting members to pick one up – a limit of one per family, couple, or single person. You can keep it in your car to hand out if you see someone homeless or carrying a sign asking for help, or you can take it to a homeless shelter yourself. Feel free to add anything else you want to the bag, especially if you see something major missing, like shampoo or a fast food restaurant gift card, but that is totally optional. Thanks again, everybody!

Starting to think spring? “Flock a Friend” or buy insurance at for a spring 2020 flocking. HURRY before the price increase. See Ray Livingston (515.249.4288) for prices and registration!

Save the date! Vacation Bible School will be June 15-18, 2020. Stay tuned for more information.

CANS AND BOTTLES: WOW! In the last year, congregation members have contributed over 46,000 recyclable cans and bottles to the youth fund! That’s a lot of nickels, and the proceeds assisted in funding a number of projects in 2019. The National Youth Gathering, a District Youth Gathering and contributions to Meals from the Heartland and Voices of the Martyrs were all partially funded by your recyclable can and bottles contributions. We continue to accept any recyclable can/bottle contributions. Simply put the can/bottles in the left side of the church garage and we’ll get them redeemed and the funds deposited. Nickels add up!

Food Pantry: Do you have a can of sauerkraut, succotash, or other such item in your canned goods at home? Maybe you bought it with the best of intentions, but now wonder what you were thinking. Please consider a contribution of any excess canned goods to the BLCS food pantry. You can bring in many types on nonperishable items and deposit them in the food pantry cabinet on the left side of the church doorway. A complete list of desired items (not just food) can be found on the food pantry cabinet shelves. Thanks for your support.

2020 Altar Flowers: Floral bouquets enhance our worship services. If you would like, please sign up to bring flowers for the altar. Flowers should be delivered before the Saturday evening service and removed following the Sunday late service. Thanks.

Amazon Smile – while doing your online shopping, Amazon has a program that will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible Amazon Smile purchases to our church by clicking Amazon Smile – BSLC. The account has been set-up and is ready to go.
Thanks to all who have selected Beautiful Savior as your Amazon Smile Charity. Thanks for your support!

LWML Featured Grant for January – Mobile Medical Mercy Mission Bus – Lutheran Church of Guatemala and Child Beyond International – $100,000. Many of the citizens of Guatemala live in extreme poverty, and over 50% of the children suffer from malnutrition and have no access to medical or dental care. Rev. Abdiel Orozco, the Bishop of the Lutheran Church of Guatemala, and his brother Rev. Elry Orozco are also doctors, and they have developed a network of LCMS partner churches to send medical professionals and mission teams to Guatemala to bring the love and mercy of Jesus through the clinics, Bible school classes, and worship services. This LWML grant will provide a bus named “4M Bus” which will be retrofitted and stocked with medical and Bile school equipment in order to bring physical and spiritual healing to people in remote villages. Local Lutheran churches will follow up with each person served by the clinic enabling thousands of Guatemalans to experience God’s healing power and grace. For more information about this grant, go to

SAVE THE DATES! The LWML would like to give a heads up for a 2020 event for all adult members of Beautiful Savior. Please check the church’s Face Book page for more information.
• Sunday, February 16th at 2:00. This is a “fun” fundraiser event for all adults. We will be given instructions from professionals to create a beautiful painting which you will be able to keep. There will be a charge for this, and part of this fee will be donated to a Christian non-profit. Watch for more details in upcoming bulletins and/or the e-newsletters.
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In Need of Prayers? Please contact Pastor for any prayer requests or if you would like visits for hospitalization, medical concerns, etc. Pastor can’t be there if he is not aware of the need. Thank you!