October 25, 2020
Reformation Sunday
Scripture Readings:
First Reading: Rev. 14:6-7
Epistle: Rom. 3:19-28
Gospel: John 8:31-36

On Our Prayer List This Week:

+ We pray for Pastor Bunge who is recovering from hernia surgery.
+ We pray for Daniel West (James & Judy’s son) who is hospitalized fighting Covid-19.
+ We pray for Sharon Green (John Sibert’s Sister) who is suffering with COPD.
+ We pray for Pat Livingston who is suffering from an irregular heartbeat and blood pressure concerns.
+ We pray for Kathy Larsen – Patti Thies’ sister-in-law who has many health concerns.
+ We pray for Gayle Sibert who is recovering from surgery.
+ We pray for Geraldine (Gerri) Avington (friend of Patti Thies) who is recovering from 2nd and 3rd degree burns.
+ We pray for Lyndon Stromer (Val Stromer’s brother) who is in kidney failure.
+ We pray for God’s healing grace for the following that are being treated for cancer: “Lefty” McFall, Christine Osborne (friend of Gustafson’s) , Dorothy Sally (friend of Gustafson’s), Reggie Koop (Todd Koop’s brother), Emily Manning (niece of Marlo and Marsha Feick), Pete Brill (Don Brill’s dad), Gary Ingeljest (friends of John & Gayle Sibert), Alison Gerhke (friend of Patrik Gibbons), Theresa Leiting (friend of Haugers), Pat Ubben (friend of Nathan Anderson), and Matt Anderson (Brother of Nathan Anderson).
+ We pray for God’s blessing on all the staff and students of Beautiful Beginnings Preschool and Child Care.
+ We pray for God’s blessings on our missionary family, the Wolfs in Kenya.
+ We pray for God’s blessings and protection for Aaron Stover (in Afghanistan), all our military personnel, and government.

News & Notes – For the week of October 25-31

Are you a Visitor? If you are a visitor today, please email Pastor@polkcity.church if you would like to have any of your questions about Beautiful Savior answered. I would love to hear from you. – Pastor Bunge

THANK YOU to Gary Gustafson for preaching in Pastor’s absence!

Unhaunted House: BSLC is hosting the Unhaunted House TODAY (10/25) from 4-6 PM! Watch your email on Friday, October 23, if the weather forecast does not cooperate, we will communicate cancellation this way. This is an outdoor event that is FREE! Any children and their parents are welcome to come in costume and enjoy some family fun. There will be games, prizes, & a puppet show. Junior & Senior High Youth are encouraged to help with this event. Kim sent out an email with a sign-up link. Pastor will give one sermon note credit to catechism students and Kim will sign-off on Silver Cord hours for those that help!

Do you have time and a talent you can share? If you are interested in helping with church facility repairs or improvements, please plan to attend a meeting on October 28 at 7:00 p.m. to go over the ongoing list of items that need completed. The meetings will happen every two months going forward to review open items. If you have questions, please contact Rob Schepler at hosselectric@gmail.com.

Beautiful Women in Mission Fundraiser! Does it sometimes get overwhelming fixing so much food for Thanksgiving? Well, we can help you out with your dessert! We will be selling delicious pies from Perkins in order to help us make faith-based donations in the future. You can place an order after church services beginning Saturday, October 31st until Sunday, November 15th. You can also mail in an order. The pies will be available for pickup at the church on Wednesday, November 25th. More details will be available in next week’s bulletin and the November e-newsletter. If you would like more info and/or want to place an order before October 31st, please call Patti Thies at 515-964-3583.

BSLC Choir practices on Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. We would love to have new members. No auditions, just come and enjoy our choir fellowship time. Practice lasts one hour. If you have any questions, please contact Gary Gustafson, Choir Director. Phone number is 515-228-3774. Thank you!

Reminder: to continue your support of the Lord’s work in and through our congregation, there are three options available for your giving during our “quarantine”: 1) give online at polkcity.church 2) snail mail in your offerings addressed to the church 3) drop off your offering in the church mailbox, which can only have its contents accessed with a key.

Sunday School has started! We have had a great start and are thrilled to be together learning about God’s love. If you have not yet registered your child, contact Ashley Schepler at ajschepler@gmail.com. We are meeting for SS in the gym of the church from 9:20-10:20. Masks are welcome, but not required. We are still looking for teachers and parent volunteers. Remember, as a teacher your lesson is prepped for you and Kim Weidt, our youth worker, is available to be your mentor. Come join us!

STILL REDEEMING: Got redeemable cans and bottles piling up at home? This is just a friendly reminder that we are still redeeming your can and bottle contributions. Simply put any contributions you care to make inside the left side of the church garage and we’ll do the rest! With indoor seating now at Papa’s Pizza, we’re again getting redeemable bottles from them as well. So far this year, we have been able to make contributions of $3,200 to a variety of good causes. A current list is posted in the fellowship area. Thanks so much for your continued support!

Did you know? Need to Know before November 3! Christians can have varying opinions on political issues such as healthcare or immigration or taxation. When it comes to God’s truth issues—the sanctity of life and marriage and human sexuality—only God’s opinion counts. “Your identity in Christ trumps your identity as an American and even as an individual with opinions. Every time. No exceptions” (Peter Slayton The Lutheran Witness August 2020. P. 14). As citizens of heaven (Philippians 3:20), God calls us to defend God’s truths “in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world” (Philippians 2:15). Shine your light! Please, join us in voting to affirm life and to educate and advocate for others to do the same. Rev. Dr. Jim Lamb – Life Advocate for Lutheran Family Service. Learn more at Lutheran Family Services

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